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Our practice is built on helping people with their immigration needs. It is, in fact, a cornerstone of our firm - and one that we're very proud of. Becoming an American citizen is harder than ever, but don't lose hope. It can be done and we can help you get there. Our attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel J. Smith, PLLC are prepared to help you discover your rights and choose the best option for your circumstances. We provide advice that's clear and honest so you always have an understanding of what's going on with your case.

One of our beliefs is that knowledge is power, especially in this type of situation. Making sure you stay informed helps you get the best results possible. For that reason, we created an ongoing series - Immigration 101. With this series, you'll have access to up-to-date resources, documents, proper protocol, and other pertinent information pertaining to the immigration process.

If immigration is on your priority list, our services can help concerning:

Citizenship | Removal and deportation | Naturalization | Citizenship at or after birth

There are a couple of ways a person can become a citizen of the United States. The first way is by being born in the US or being born to parents who are already citizens. The second option is to apply for naturalization. For more information on citizenship, click here.

If you have violated immigration laws, you could face removal and deportation. While they used to be two separate procedures, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 merged them into one operation. For more information on removal and deportation, click here.

One way to become a citizen of the United States to apply for naturalization. The rules are always changing and can be unique based upon your current citizenship, so covering every situation isn't possible on this website alone. Nevertheless, we do have plenty of useful information available - like requirements for naturalization, which you can find here.

Things are pretty simple if you were born on US soil or if both of your parents are already citizens. However, if only one of your parents is a citizen, the circumstances can become tricky. Click here for more information on this situation. If you were born abroad or adopted by US citizens, our Citizenship After Birth page will be helpful for you.

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Immigration can be a tough situation to sift through. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Smith, we have helped people live the American dream for over 40 years. Whether you're facing removal and deportation, seeking citizenship, or wanting to apply for naturalization, we have the expertise to help. Our office is located in the Seattle area, so call us today and schedule a consultation.

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